Sunday, May 26

Fucking My Sexy Roommate Selina

Jax Slayher was in his room taking the online heavy Equipment Operators license exam when his roommate Selina Bentz came in to ask him why men don't ever talk to her. She asked Jax if she was attractive as she was showing her boobs and butt. Then she noticed Jax's huge dick. Selena asked if she could touch it and then suck it because she hasn't had sex in a long time. Jax bent Selena over and started giving her large portions of dick that she hast had in a long time. Then Selina rode Jax's cock until she had an orgasm. Then Jax put Selina into spoons and railed her out until he busted his man goo all over her face.

Two Studs Cum and Service Wife

Vivianne DeSilva is your typical well cared for Hot Wife who fell in love with her husband's credit score and tiny cock. She has a regular stable of studs, Boswell Black & Goldey to come and service her and her husband has the house wired for cameras so he gets to enjoy the show even when he is at work. She is just getting started with a couple of her regulars when her Husband comes home still on the phone making a deal. She invites him closer to see what a real cock looks like that she needs to make her cum. The guys know her deal and are happy to keep this well off woman satisfied. Taking two cocks like it's just breathing for her she gets the first one inside her to get things going. But once it is in her ass Tiny Dick gets his camera out to record these priceless moments or her deeply penetrated. Her orgasm is all she cares about as they take turns pounding out her nether hole. They line up to double decorate her tits with a copious amount of cum with her very happy smile.

Sunday, May 5

Teeny Reyna Bell Gets Creampie

Jax saw Reyna got home from work and he came to her room asking if she could rub som lotion on his massive back really quick. As Reyna was rubbing his back and then abs, she noticed his massive Dick. Then Reyna asked if she could touch it, then she started sucking it. Jax was all about it. Then Jax bent her over and fucked her in doggy until Reyna had a huge orgasm. Reyna climbed on top of Jax's massive cock and rode it to another orgasm. Then Jax put her into spoons until he busted a massive cream pie into her pussy.

Sunday, April 28

Brianna Bourbon And Prince Yahshua

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Cory Chase in BBC Championship

Four of the team players are standing with the rookie who is eager to join the team. Cory, the coach's wife, walks into the gym and she grabs his package with her hand. 'I want to make sure you have what it takes to be a team player,' she exclaims. She gets down on her knees in front of the rookie and she starts to give him a blowjob, in front of all the other team players. The other four team members go behind Cory and they pull her hot pink skirt off. She is wearing green lingerie underneath that she decides to keep on for now. She gets down on her knees in the middle of a circle with the 5 team members surrounding her with their huge cocks. She starts to suck all five of their BBC's, and jerk their cocks off at the same time. They pull her green lingerie off of her so she is now naked.
Teaming Up on Cory
Cory lies down on the weight bench and one of the BBC's starts to fuck her pussy while she sucks the other cocks and uses her hands at the same time. Cory moves into the doggystyle position and one of them fucks her from behind while she continues sucking the other cocks. The rookie gets behind her next and he takes his turn with her pussy. They start to fuck her ass next, while she continues to suck the other cocks with her mouth and hands. They take turns fucking her ass, and then she climbs on top of one of the players and rides his cock in the cowgirl position. While she is on top, another player comes behind her and starts to fuck her ass at the same time. She enjoys getting double penetrated and her moans get louder and louder. While she is getting D.P'ed she continues to suck the other cocks. Cory moves into the reverse cowgirl position and she rides one of the player's cocks with her ass. Then another player starts to D.P her again. She lies down on the weight bench next, and they continue to D.P her while she's lying down. When the men are ready to cum, they have her get in the middle of their circle and they have her play with her own tits. Then, one by one, they all cum in her mouth and all over her face! 'The Captain gave me such a big load!' she exclaims.

Saturday, April 27

Petite Coco Lovelock Is Hungry For Black Cock

Coco Lovelock gets up to find her lover has left her in his bed and has gone to work. He tells her to make herself at home and go make herself breakfast in the kitchen. Uh -oh, bad move to have this little slut walking around. When she comes across the roommate (Sir Goldey) she is hungry for something but it ain't breakfast sausage. Little Coco wants man sausage. Chocolate salami. One eyed tube steak. This little bitch wants some down home southern fried dicking. As soon as you can say 'lickity split' this chick is sucking some dick. The roommate lays down some serious thunder on her dripping cum locker and soon tries to pry her tight little winking pink spokewheel open with huge bulbous ebony meat pole. It's a tough go but he manages to ratchet open her brown-eye for some tight anal action. Now to serve the hungry little Coco some man chowder for breakfast as he coats her face in an eruption deep from those sweet chocolate balls of his. Yummy yummy that puts some cum in Coco's tummy.